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Do you often:

1. Feel out of control?
2. Get overwhelmed by feelings, be it anger, frustration, anxiety or sadness?
3. Find it hard to switch off?
4. Take a while to fall asleep, or often wake up and find it hard to go back to sleep?
5. Get told you over-react?
6. Feel exhausted without an apparent reason?

Crossroads Stress clinic is a unique concept of helping you reduce and cope with increased levels of stress. At our clinic, we understand that everyone is different, and that you have to find the right person and the right approach for you.

Why not consider trying one approach and see how you get on with it?

Click on a therapist below to find out more about their different tools and techniques, and choose the right road for you…

Clients Testimonials

  • What an amazing experience to be treated by Hypnotherapy in a safe, warm and friendly environment. It is held in the stricktest confidentiality and Anna Finn is the person you can trust in completely and who puts you at your ease instantly. I have told all my colleagues and friends about my experience and this has led to a great interest in this most beautiful opportunity. No matter how great or how small your problem, see Anna and you will feel a world of difference in a very short space of time.”
  • Very impressed with the professionalism and competency of the staff here. You just KNOW you will receive the best of care. Highly recommend!
  • "Massive thank you for all your help. After suffering with depression and anxiety for the vast majority of my life and having tried a number of anti depressants I decided I wanted to take some control over it rather than it controlling me. With every session that I did, I could feel the tension lifting and anxiety disappearing. I felt like I could talk through my problems no matter how small and that session would be conducted around how to deal with that issue. I have to say that I feel like I have been given a new lease of life, I feel so much more positive, focussed and excited about the future!"
  • I have just spent the most relaxing hour with Paula for a facial which comes with hand and foot massage. It was so good I have booked again next week for a hot stone massage. Absolute heaven!!
  • Caroline Challender gave me some acupuncture for work related backache. I felt a marked improvement after the first treatment and the pain completely disappeared after several visits. I have been fine ever since. Caroline is very calm, caring and professional. I really enjoyed the sessions and can honestly recommend her
  • "I completed the six weeks Quntum Vision with Jane recently, This has been an extremely uplifting and positive experience which has changed my outlook and improved every area of my day to day life. It's so great Jane , I feel like a new person , thankyou so much 😀 I highly recommend Jane who has made a huge difference to my spiritual and energetic outlook....Thanks Jane" Sam

Crossroads Stress Clinic Practitioners

Karen Elizabeth Jones

Naturopathic Nutritionist

Kerry O'Kane


Anita Garside

Holistic Therapist

Liz Summers

Pilates Instructor

Louise Shanon

Shiatsu Practitioner

Crossroads Stress Clinic

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